Bright Botanical Unifying Brightening Serum Pump Bottle 30ml

The skin is moisturized and visibly brightened
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Immediately, skin is moisturized and visibly brightened. Skin texture irregularities look smoothed, and the complexion is more homogeneous.
After 1 month, the appearance of dark spots is visibly faded, skin texture appears corrected and even, pores are less visible.
Formula tested under dermatological supervision.
Texture: crystalline

Passionate and committed, the Botanical Beauty researchers have developed a profound knowledge of nature and ecosystems, motivated by the fact that beauty starts by choosing quality ingredients, sourced from plants that are harvested in the most respectful way.
When visiting South America over 15 years ago, they observed the Botanical White Seed in its natural ecosystem. This unbreakable and pure seed is able to preciously conserve its naturally brightening power at its center.The Botanical White Seed or Tagua nut comes from the short-stemmed palm tree named Phytelephas Aequatorialis, which grows in the low/mid-altitude rainforests of South America. The seeds are selected and collected by our partner in a natural and responsible manner, ensuring the plant is not damaged.
This plant's fruit is grouped in clusters of around 40 cm in diameter with 8 to 20 fruits, each fruit contains 3-5 seeds. 
The seed's nourishing tissue is liquid in appearance before becoming strong and solid, similar to ivory (this is why it is also known as Vegetable Ivory!). This therefore protects the active ingredients contained within this very solid white seed.
The researchers were fascinated by the way its ivory color reflected light, so they decided to study it. Over the course of several years, they were driven to solve the mystery surrounding this seed.
For the very first time in cosmetics, Yves Rocher Scientists have combined their unique knowledge in botanical science with an innovative extraction technology that was invented in Brittany, this combination allows them to activate this seed's potential in order to reveal the light of skin.
Thanks to an innovative 100% natural hydro thermolysis process, they have managed to extract the Botanical White Seed's active ingredients. These active ingredients are able to act on a deep level in the cells responsible for pigmentation, in order to reduce melanin synthesis. They also limit the spread of melanin, which causes dark spots to appear, to the neighboring cells.
Through its action on melanin* and the organization of the cells in the epidermis*, the Botanical White Seed helps to diffuse light into the center of the skin cells*.

Why does the Botanical White Seed have such a rare purity?
- Its Ivory color is synonymous with purity
- Its mannan polymer composition makes it a very pure seed (>95%).
- This purity allows it to reflect light.
30 ml / 1 fl.oz. Bottle
*in vitro test
White Botanical has been replaced by Bright Botanical

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