The Merchant undertakes  to ensure the confidentiality of all software programs regarding online payment service, all information, documents including but not limited to information relating to the Cardholder such as name, address, Card number, Card transaction information and/or other information, documents regarding VCB, Payment Gateway, and other individuals or organizations authorized by VCB and Payment Gateway that Merchant has known or has gotten during the process of supplying goods and services. The Merchant undertakes to keep such information, documents confidentially and safely during its duty performance at the highest seriousness so that such information cannot be used  for fraudulent or illegal actions.
YVES ROCHER and the payment gateway service partners undertake not to use confidential information regarding terms and conditions of the Agreement, business situation and other information shared during the performance of this Agreement for their own benefits and/or reveal confidential information to any Third Party without permission from the other Parties except as otherwise required by applicable laws. In case of information revealed by one Party, that Party shall be responsible for any losses occurred to the other Parties due to disclosure.
YVES ROCHER and the payment gateway service partners agree to allow the other Parties to provide names, symbols, places and business areas on the website, customers/partners list and promotional materials, guideline and introduction documents and other documents relating to cooperation services within this Agreement.
On its own reasonable consideration and/or for the purpose of preventing fraud in advance, VCB is entitled and the Merchant undertakes to allow VCB to disclose the Merchant’s information to other related Parties without requiring for any compensation from VCB due to such information disclosure.
YVES ROCHER and the payment gateway service partners undertake not to directly or indirectly release information relating to terms and conditions of the Agreement and its Annexes, amending and supplementing documents (if any) of the Agreement to any other Party except otherwise required by Laws and regulations.