1/ How to create an account on the website?

You just need to fill out the account creation form with your personal information and choose a password.
Then, you only need to confirm the creation of your account by clicking on "Create my account" at the bottom of the page.

2/ How do I retrieve a lost password?

If you forgot or lost your password, click on "Log in" in the menu and then on "Forgotten password" to get it back. The email address associated to your account will be asked to retrieve your password.

3/ How to choose a secure password?

A strong and secure password should include:
At least 8 characters
At least 1 digit
At least 1 uppercase letter
At least 1 lowercase letter
At least a punctuation mark or special character (!"#$%& '()*+,/:;<=>?@[]^_`'}'|'{'~. ) "
To change your password, simply log in to your account and follow our instructions, or click on « Reset your password » in the login area.

4/How to change the password to my account?

To change your password, you need to log in to your account at the top of the page with your email address and current password.

Once you are logged in, click on "My personal information". Fill in your new password and click on "Validate"; it's done!

5/How to change the postal address associated to my account?

To change your postal address, you need to log in to your account at the top of the page with your email address and password.

Once you are logged in, click on "My personal information". Fill in your new postal address and click on "Validate"; it's done!

Note: With any order placed, check in your basket that the postal and billing addresses are correct.

6/How do I delete my account?

The deletion of the account directly by the user is not possible on the website. To delete your account, please contact our customer service by email cs.vietnam@yrnet.com  using the email address associated with your customer account and indicating your first and last name and if possible customer number or loyalty card.
For more information on your rights and our Privacy Policy, click here.

7/How to track my order?

Viettel Post is our current delivery partner. To check your order, please contact us via email address: cs.vietnam@yrnet.com or hotline 0906228056

Yves Rocher staff will assist in checking the status of your order and responding as soon as possible

8/What are the shipping costs?

The shipping fee will be automatically calculated and displayed on the order by the system after you have entered all the necessary information.
Yves Rocher provides you with the minimum Shipping cost for each of your orders as specified by the delivery company.

We offer free shipping when you spend 1.000.000 VNĐ or more. The conditions to be elligible to free shipping may change from one period to another. We invite you to check out all the on-going offers on the Promotions page. 

9/What are the shipping times?

Delivery partner: Viettel Post
Standard shipping:
- Ho Chi Minh: 2-3 business days (since the date Yves Rocher confirm your order)
- Other Provinces: 3-7 business days (since the date Yves Rocher confirm your order)

Longer delivery times should be expected when shipping to some islands district, or remote area

10/How to return or exhange a product?

If you need to return/exchange the product, please send a request  within 7 days from the date you received it via email: cs.vietnam@yrnet.com. Please provide some information such as: the reason why you want to return/exchange, your order number, some pictures of box, items, gifts, receipt. Yves Rocher has the right to refuse any support if customers fail to inform us within the notification period stated above.

After receiving the return request, Customer Support will check and respond to the customer within 24-48 working hours.

All return request must be with reasonable cause. For more details about the cases of accepting exchange/return, please take a look at: https://yvesrocher.vn/en/return-exchange-policy

11/Where is the nearest store?

To look for the nearest store, please check on the Store locator https://yvesrocher.vn/en/stores-en/ to get the list of the closest shops. Our advisors are expecting you!

12/ What are the opening hours of my store?

You can get the opening hours of your store from the Store locator  https://yvesrocher.vn/en/stores-en/

13/ Is it safe to use my credit card on the Yves Rocher website?

The Merchant undertakes  to ensure the confidentiality of all software programs regarding online payment service, all information, documents including but not limited to information relating to the Cardholder such as name, address, Card number, Card transaction information and/or other information, documents regarding VCB, Payment Gateway, and other individuals or organizations authorized by VCB and Payment Gateway that Merchant has known or has gotten during the process of supplying goods and services. The Merchant undertakes to keep such information, documents confidentially and safely during its duty performance at the highest seriousness so that such information cannot be used  for fraudulent or illegal actions.
YVES ROCHER and the payment gateway service partners undertake not to use confidential information regarding terms and conditions of the Agreement, business situation and other information shared during the performance of this Agreement for their own benefits and/or reveal confidential information to any Third Party without permission from the other Parties except as otherwise required by applicable laws. In case of information revealed by one Party, that Party shall be responsible for any losses occurred to the other Parties due to disclosure.
YVES ROCHER and the payment gateway service partners agree to allow the other Parties to provide names, symbols, places and business areas on the website, customers/partners list and promotional materials, guideline and introduction documents and other documents relating to cooperation services within this Agreement.
On its own reasonable consideration and/or for the purpose of preventing fraud in advance, VCB is entitled and the Merchant undertakes to allow VCB to disclose the Merchant’s information to other related Parties without requiring for any compensation from VCB due to such information disclosure.
YVES ROCHER and the payment gateway service partners undertake not to directly or indirectly release information relating to terms and conditions of the Agreement and its Annexes, amending and supplementing documents (if any) of the Agreement to any other Party except otherwise required by Laws and regulations.

14/ What are the payment methods accepted on the website?

When you place your order, you can choose cash on delivery (COD) or you can pay with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard,Local ATM) or Scan QR code.

15/How to sign up for the Yves Rocher newsletter?

To receive our offers in exclusivity, get privilege discounts and know about what's up, you can subscribe to our newsletter by filling your information in the subscription form. 

16/ How to get the product composition?

While you are browsing through the description on the online product card, you will find the complete list of ingredients composing the product. The ingredients from natural origin are indicated in green.

17/Can I cancel my order?

Before placing an order, please review your order and the total number of items in your shopping cart. Once your order has been successfully accepted, the order will be sent to the Warehouse for packing and shipping to the delivery partner immediately.When your order is in status "Shipped", Yves Rocher cannot cancel your order.

In case the order has been successfully paid by card, the order will not be canceled unless it is a product defect or from Yves Rocher.

18/ Can I change my order information?

You can change your information at any time while placing an order. But once the order has been successfully accepted, unfortunately you cannot change any information.

19/Why have I not received my order confirmation email?

If you have not received an order confirmation email, we recommend that you check all mailboxes, including spam (spam), promotional mail, or contact customer service at.vietnam@yrnet.com. Your order may not have been fulfilled.

It's also possible that the email address you input is incorrect.