Tuyển dụng

Với sứ mệnh sáng tạo vẻ đẹp thiên nhiên thuần khiết cùng định hướng phát triển lâu dài và bền vững chúng tôi cam kết mang đến một môi trường làm việc thân thiện, năng động và chuyên nghiệp. Hãy cùng gia nhập đội ngũ của chúng tôi để tạo ra sự khác biệt vàcùng nhau phát triển!

1. Marketing Excutive

Working place: HCMC
Job description:

Sales & Marketing Strategy to achieve target:

 Create & apply Marketing plan monthly campaigns, promotions and CRM programs 2 months in advance minimum
 Analyze and plan promotion needed for recruitment/loyal customers balanced with Volume driver/value driver products according to seasonality and the need of sales team.
 Make a timeline for every monthly campaign to show all monthly marketing activities and events
 Secure license application
 Manage customer data, classify groups, develop loyalty programs & increase new members
 Coordinate with all mall, Dpt stores,… promotion to use their marketing to boost our sales
 Follow Marketing plan & budget
 Make pricing of products based on benchmark
 Work closely with Sales team of each zone to make program as per their stock and need
• PR, Activation & Event : (in coordination with Digital & PR)

 Match monthly program with PR and digital to secure synergy and boost brand/promotion
 Identify sales opportunities & Negotiate for locations at sales event in malls, fashion shows…
 Create event outdoor or in shops (to increase database, sales …) alive/dyamic and entertaining for customers
 Coordinate promotion with visuals/ merchandise for events/in shop promo…
 Organize yearly main launch and secondary main launch of products
 Organize branding activity promotion
 Cross marketing with other companies (banks, data exchange…)
 Prepare KPI for event to follow and analyse efficiency and ROI

• Analysis & Reporting:

 Analysis of each actions, reports of activities, monthly campaigns, event, with photos & statistics
 Competition benchmark (promo, pricing, shop look…)
 Product selection and pricing
 Track performance per POS, Partner, to identify solution of development

If you are passionate about beauty and cosmetics, please send your CV in English to minh.hd@annam-group.com. The title states: "Marketing Executive - YR".

2. Graphic Designer

Job description:

Ø Design all material for marketing plan yearly & monthly campaigns, promotions, CRM…
Ø Ensure all material is designed on time (brochure, newsletter, canvas, flyer…)
Ø Identify & propose catchy design with “Masstige” positioning promotion rank (not mass, not luxury)
Ø Ensure that the message required is correctly passed to customer and clear

• PR, Activation, booth & Event :
Ø Provide attractive material to boost brand awareness through PR, magazines, articles, bloggers,…
Ø Design all permanent material to support sales & activities ( Shopping bags, brochure, posters…)
Ø Layout for event outdoor/in shops, alive/dyamic and entertaining for customers
Ø Cooperate with Visual Merchandiser in events, main launch, brand activities, willing to work overtime as requested
Ø Design cross marketing with other companies (banks, data exchange…)

If you are passionate about beauty and cosmetics, please send your CV in English to khanh.dq@annam-group.com. The title states: "Graphic Designer - YR".